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  • Collab4Asia2020
Information Security Professional, Speaker, and Mental Health Advocate
Keynote: Voices of the service users: The consequence of collaborative practice from the lens of a former mental health client

Mr. Taduran is an information security professional, a speaker, and a former service user of mental health care services. During his college days more than a decade ago, he had experienced several episodes of mental and emotional distress (manic depression) where he had the opportunity to meet and work with different health and social care professionals towards his recovery. As a former service user and now a mental health advocate, Mr. Taduran hopes to share his story framed from a client's perspective about how interprofessional collaborative practice matters especially in this day and age when more and more people are becoming affected by mental illnesses. 

  • Collab4Asia2020
Chair, #CollabForAsia2020; De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute
PARALLEL WORKSHOP: Developing interprofessional education within higher education curricula

Ms. Sumulong is an associate professor from the College of Pharmacy, De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute. She is a pharmacist by profession with a Master of Science in Chemistry. Her experience and expertise in clinical pharmacy led her in seeing the importance of role identity and patient safety in healthcare delivery through interprofessional education and practice. She is one of the few Filipinos who was formally trained in IPE from the Gunma University (Japan), WHO-CC for Interprofessional Education Research and Training (2015). Currently doing her PhD in curriculum and instruction, she aims to utilize her IPE knowledge to continually develop and conduct IPE-focused trainings for health science educators and students as one way to solidify the PHIPEC Network which she co-founded in 2018.

  • Collab4Asia2020
University of Santo Tomas; PHIPEC Network
Plenary: Introducing the PHIPEC Network

Catherine is an instructor at the College of Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines with a master in Health Profession Education. She is the Managing Editor of the Philippine Journal of Allied Health Sciences and the Member Secretary of their Ethics Review Committee. Her research interest and expertise on research, education and physical therapy has led to her national and international research presentations, lectures, workshops, and publications. As a champion for IPEC, she has been part of an interdisciplinary research collaboration for a mobile application with the UST Hospital Benavides Cancer Institute, co-lead an interprofessional, cross-cultural and online learning and research activity with Hong Kong Polytechnic University and co-chaired the first Philippine Interprofessional Education and Collaboration Conference 2018. At present, she serves as the Treasurer of the Philippine Physical Therapy Association and a Congress Program Committee Member of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy Congress 2021.


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