Conference Speakers


Plenary Session: Bridging higher education and practice through IPE initiatives and strategies

Hideomi Watanabe, MD, PhD

Gunma University

(World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Research and Training on Interprofessional Education)

Dr. Hideomi Watanabe obtained his PhD (1988) in cellular oncology and went on to do a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Michigan Cancer Foundation, engaging in the basic research in cancer metastasis. In 1990, he joined the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Gunma University and has purified a metastasis-related motility factor. He also engaged in the medical practice as an orthopedic surgeon. In 2005, he joined the School of Health Sciences, having implemented unique interprofessional education (IPE) since 1999. The Japan Interprofessional Working and Education Network (JIPWEN) was established in 2008 comprising ten universities, delivering unique IPE. He is the coordinator of JIPWEN. His current research works focus on the effects of IPE on the attitudinal changes of the learners and have been published in the English scientific journals. One of his notable works is the Advanced Initiatives in Interprofessional Education in Japan (Watanabe & Koizumi, 2010). He is Director of Centre for Research and Training on Interprofessional Education of Gunma University, which implements activities of WHO Collaborating Centre, JPN-89. Dr. Watanabe is currently the Vice Dean, Gunma University Graduate School of Health Sciences and the Director of Gunma University Centre for Research and Training on Interprofessional Education (Head, WHO Collaborating Centre, JPN-89). 

Plenary Session: Stories of best practices on interprofessional education in higher education (focus on University-Industry partnerships in South Korean context)

Kun Seok OH, Dr. Eng

Gwangju Health University; Korean Interprofessional Education and Practice Networks

Dr. Kun Seok Oh is a Professor of Hospital Information and Management at the Gwangju Health University (GHU) and also the Director of the University-Industry Cooperation in the same institution. He earned his master's from Chosun University and Ph.D. from Kyushu University and specializes in Database Management and has been doing research on accessibility for persons with disabilities. In recent years, Dr. Oh has been promoting Interprofessional Education in South Korea which resulted to the establishment of the Centre for Interprofessional Education in GHU where IPE courses have been implemented across programs for five years now. Along with his colleagues at GHU, they established the Korean Interprofessional Practice and Education Networks (KIPEN) in 2019 which hopes to foster networks between universities and industries that will all-together develop IPE in South Korea and beyond.

Plenary Session: Stories of best practices on interprofessional collaboration in diverse caring fields and settings​ (focus on climate change and disasters)

Benigno C. Balgos, MA

Ateneo de Manila University

Mr. Balgos is a Ph.D. student in Development Studies student at De La Salle Univeristy - Taft. A specialist on disaster risk reduction (DRR), Mr. Balgos serves as a consultant on DRR-related projects of the United Nations Development Programme, United Nations World Food Programme, Save the Children Philippines, Plan International Philippines, and National Movements of the Red Cross. He
recently participated in the Geneva Summer School on Humanitarian Action organized by the
Universite de Geneve - Center for Education and Research on Humanitarian Action (CERAH).
Mr Balgos finished his MA in Development Policy at the De La Salle University. For his graduate
thesis, he was a recipient of the University of British Columbia Thesis Grant under the
Urbanising Watershed Project supported by the Social Sciences and Humanitarian Research
Council of Canada. He received his BS in Community Development degree, cum laude, at the University of the Philippines Diliman Campus.

Keynote speech: Cultivating a global community of practice: All Together Better Health 10

Alla El-Awaisi, MPharm, MRPharmS, MSc, PgCert, PhD

Qatar University

Dr. Alla El-Awaisi is currently the Chair for the All Together Better Health 10 Conference to be held in Qatar University on 2020. She received her Master of Pharmacy degree (2001) from Strathclyde University in Glasgow (UK), MSc in Prescribing Science (2009) from the Robert Gordon University (UK) and PhD in Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice (2017) from the Robert Gordon University (UK) with a thesis entitled: ‘Pharmacy’s Perspectives of Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice: An Investigative Study in Qatar & the Middle East. Prior to moving to Qatar University, she practised pharmacy in various hospital seetings and primary healthcare settings as clinical pharmacist and later on as a specialist clinical pharmacist. Currently, she is the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Qatar University Health Chair of the Interprofessional Education Committee and has been instrumental in the leadership and delivery of successful IPE initiatives in Qatar and internationally including leading the First Middle Eastern Conference in Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice in December 2015. Her research expertise lies in the area of interprofessional education and collaborative practice, pharmacy education and pharmacy practice.

Parallel Workshop: Conflict management competencies to strengthen collaboration in health and social care teams

Kim Gerald Medallon, OTRP, MHPEd

University of Santo Tomas

Mr. Medallon is an Assistant Professor and internship supervisor from the Department of Occupational Therapy in the University of Santo Tomas. He is an occupational therapist by profession and has pursued and published academic research on cross-cultural adaptation of occupational therapy assessment tools, inclusive education, and attitudes development during clinical training. Mr. Medallon serves as a resource speaker in various fora and conferences centering on outcome-based education and clinical teaching. He is also a clinician and administrator in private clinics in Bulacan and Tarlac provinces while serving as the Chair of the Committee of Standards and Ethics, Philippine Academy of Occupational Therapists, Inc. He is finishing his Ph.D. in Education (major in Educational Administration) at the University of the Philippines Diliman.

Plenary Session: Stories of best practices on interprofessional collaboration in diverse caring fields and settings​ (focus on competitive elite para-sport/paralympics)

Roi Charles S. Pineda, MSc, OTR

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Mr. Pineda is an occupational therapist with experience as clinical practitioner, researcher and educator. Continued postgraduate education over the years has diversified his professional interests. From acute and subacute physical rehabilitation during his work as an occupational therapist, it has expanded to include health promotion among individuals with disabilities using physical activity from the continuum of recreation to high-performance sport. As a certified trainer on interprofessional education and collaborative practice, he has given workshops in the Philippines and abroad. He is currently completing his doctoral studies in biomedical sciences at KU Leuven (Belgium). His research is on the effect of sport expertise and intellectual impairment on multi-tasking. Work on this research project gave him opportunities to collaborate with para-athletes, coaches, and sport organizations and served as the impetus for him to work towards becoming an international classifier in para-athletics for athletes with intellectual impairment.


Plenary Session: Connecting healthcare and social welfare from a global health lens

Adrian Paul J. Rabe, MD, MSc, FRSPH

Imperial College London;
Global Health Focus

Dr. Adrian Rabe is a graduate of the INTARMED program of the University of the Philippines Manila. He went on to complete the degree MSc in Health Policy, Planning and Financing at the London School of Economics and Political Science and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Dr. Rabe is deeply involved in health policy and health systems performance evaluation as Head of Research at Health iQ. He is also Honorary Research Fellow at Imperial College London, and is also a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health. He is Director of Global Health Focus, a global NGO that seeks to build capacity in global health knowledge and skills around the world, particularly in developing countries. Dr. Rabe is an experienced teacher, a TEDx speaker, and an avid researcher who will be presenting a plenary session for the Collab4Asia2020 Conference.

Parallel Workshop: Drafting research proposals in interprofessional education and practice

Michael P. Sy, OTRP, MHPEd, PhD

Philippine Interprofessional Education and Collaboration Network

Dr. Michael Sy is one of the co-founders of the Philippine Interprofessional Education and Collaboration Network or PHIPEC Net. After finishing his BSc Occupational Therapy and MHPEd degrees from the University of the Philippines, Dr. Sy pursued his Ph.D. in Occupational Therapy from the Tokyo Metropolitan University and completed post-graduate certificates in Interprofessional Education from Gunma University, Japan (2013) and Research Perspectives on Interprofessional Education Learning and Collaboration within Practices of Health Care and Social Services from Linköping University, Sweden (2019). Dr. Sy is a recognized Associate Member of the DOST-National Research Council of the Philippines as a testament of his scholarly publications in interprofessional education and practice and occupational therapy. Moreover, he has recently been designated as an Editorial Fellow of the Journal of Interprofessional Care (published by Taylor and Francis Group) and serves as a member of the Research Group from the Centre for the Advancement of Interprofessional Education (CAIPE), United Kingdom.


Plenary Session: Bridging higher education and practice through IPE initiatives and strategies

Cheryl R. Peralta, PTRP, DrPH

University of Santo Tomas

Prof. Peralta is a physical therapist by profession and has completed a Master of Health Professions Education and a Doctor of Public Health (Epidemiology) at the University of the Philippines Manila. Her research centers on quality assurance studies in health professions education, public health, and epidemiology. She has been actively involved in community-engaged research projects that focus on the provision of community-based rehabilitation for persons with disabilities and the elderly.


Throughout her academic career trajectory, she is now serving as the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs at the University of Santo Tomas where she promotes interdisciplinary collaboration among academic programs, with the goal of integrating research and community service to outcomes-based education for students. Prof. Peralta has been instrumental to the creation of a local IPE network in the Philippines which is now called PHIPEC Net.


Her experience as an educator has earned her esteemed recognition from peers, locally and nationally, including the Outstanding Professional of the Year for Physical Therapy in 2010 granted by the Professional Regulation Commission of the Philippines, among others. She likewise occupied key positions in professional organizations and served as consultant in working groups of

government agencies making her knowledgeable about how education, practice, and community work transact to better health outcome

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