About the PHIPEC 2018

The 1st Philippine Interprofessional Education and Collaboration Conference 2018 or PHIPEC 2018 is a national conference organized to promote Interprofessional Education and Collaboration (IPEC), a global strategy mandated by the World Health Organization since 2010 where health and social care professionals from different professions learn and work together towards achieving improved health outcomes for our Filipino clients, communities, and populations we serve.

Conference theme

The conference theme is "Revisiting the Bayanihan Spirit in the Philippine Health and Social Care Systems" anchoring all conference presentations with a touch of our Filipino cultural heritage of mutual assistance and working together to accomplish a difficult task.


Bayanihan. Photo credit: http://mattersmost.deviantart.com
  • To disseminate basic principles of interprofessional education and collaborative practice (IPECP);

  • To discuss IPECP concepts in terms of teaching, discovery, integration, and application;

  • To gather health and social care professions educators, practitioners, and students; 

  • To establish partnerships among professional associations, higher education institutions, and health/social facilities; and, 

  • To create a roadmap for future research and applications on IPECP within the health/social professions education and healthcare delivery.

A collaborative conference and initiative

The PHIPEC 2018 is co-organized by the University of Santo Tomas - College of Rehabilitation Sciences and the Angeles University Foundation - College of Allied Medical Professions.

Who can attend?

  • Health and social care professionals

  • Educators, academicians, and researchers

  • Higher education institution administrator

  • Government and non-government personnel

  • Stakeholders of health and social care services

  • Students in the health and social care professions

  • Service users / patients / clients

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Why should I attend?

The 1st PHIPEC 2018 conference is being organized in light of the following global and local initiatives and policies enabling the provision of better health for everyone through interprofessional education and collaboration:

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