Conference Dates: August 11-12, 2018 (Saturday & Sunday)

Presentation types

Keynote speeches. Selected reputable Filipino experts (from the Philippines and abroad) who are considered champions in their respective professions will inspire conference participants about the value of IPECP in our health and social care systems.


Plenary sessions. Educators, practitioners, and students who have formal education, conducted research and had a first-hand experience in IPECP will do oral presentations to share what they have learned, discovered, and experienced.


Symposia. Themed symposia will be included in the conference which will give participants the ability to choose sessions that interest them within the range of topics in IPECP.


Workshops. Several workshops will run during the 2-day conference which will facilitate skills acquisition in interprofessional learning and collaboration. A special workshop will also be conducted during the last day of the conference which will be open to invited participants who are deemed to champion IPECP in their own institutions, professional networks, and spheres of influence.

Scientific Program

Presentation types

Presentation types

Workshop Case C

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