Plan your trip to the venue: UST Central Building (Dapitan Side, Near UST High School)

  • UST-Manila is usually accessible through all modes of land transportation available in Metro Manila including train (MRT/LRT/PNR), jeepney, taxi, FX, or private vehicle.

  • Also, using the Google Map app is also quite convenient to guide you on your way to the conference venue.

  • Parking slots will be available within parking areas in UST-Manila. Priority slots will be given to PHIPEC participants from August 11 to 12, 2018.



  • Skyloft Hotel (Sampaloc; 0.9km from UST)

  • Fersal Hotel (Sta. Cruz, 0.4km from UST)

  • Winford Manila Resort & Casino (Sta. Cruz, 1.0km from UST)

  • Oriental Zen Suites (Sta. Cruz, 0.5km from UST)

  • Getz Hotel (Sta. Cruz, 1.0km from UST)


  • Jhocson Residences (Sampaloc, 0.8km from UST)

  • Crown Tower University Belt (Sampaloc, 0.5km from UST)

Google Maps

UST Central Laboratory

Map of UST

Map of UST

(The Central Laboratory is located around "M1")

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