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PHIPEC Network. (2020). PHIPEC News: #Collab4Asia2020: The 2nd APIPEC and PHIPEC Networks International Joint Conference. Retrieved from https://www.phipecnet.org/phipecnet-resources
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Erratum: p. 13, para. 2: "In conclusion, I want to cite this call for collaboration from the “P4 Action Framework” created by the Philippine Society of Public Health Physicians to fight against COVID-19: Pagsukat (screen and assess), Pangangalaga (treat and care for individuals and communities), Pagpigil (enforce regulations), and Pagkakaisa (collaborate)."
Sy, M. P., Escuadra, C. J., & Sumulong, R. A. L. (2019). The birth of a national network for interprofessional education and collaboration: Results from an inter-university partnership. Philippine Journal of Allied Health Sciences.
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Caampued, M. S. (2020). Confronting COVID-19: Preparing LGU for Response [online lecture]. Parañaque City, Philippines: Philippine Society of Public Health Physicians.  

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