Carla Pendon

Christian Foundation for Persons with Disabilities Inc.
Plenary: Value of spiritual health in interprofessional work especially in rural-poor communities

Ms. Pendon is a disability advocate and the acting Executive Director of the Christian Foundation for Persons with Disabilities Inc. in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. Carla is a blind individual who has a heart to empower people with disabilities across communities through spiritual mentoring, advocacy works, and teaching disability rights and perspectives. Her disability did not stop her from honing her special skills in event organizing, article writing, public speaking, and braille use. She completed her college education with a degree in BS Psychology from the Trinity University of Asia in 2011. Aside from working in a non-profit organization, she also hosts a radio program at the 1233 DYVS (Far East Broadcasting Company) called "Visions of Hope" where she talks with guests about disability experiences, advocacy work for people with disabilities, and education.


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