Kun Seok Oh, Dr. Eng

Gwangju Health University; Korean Interprofessional Education and Practice Networks
Plenary Session: Stories of best practices on interprofessional education in higher education (focus on University-Industry partnerships in South Korean context)

Dr. Kun Seok Oh is a Professor of Hospital Information and Management at the Gwangju Health University (GHU) and also the Director of the University-Industry Cooperation in the same institution. He earned his master's from Chosun University and Ph.D. from Kyushu University and specializes in Database Management and has been doing research on accessibility for persons with disabilities. In recent years, Dr. Oh has been promoting Interprofessional Education in South Korea which resulted to the establishment of the Centre for Interprofessional Education in GHU where IPE courses have been implemented across programs for five years now. Along with his colleagues at GHU, they established the Korean Interprofessional Practice and Education Networks (KIPEN) in 2019 which hopes to foster networks between universities and industries that will all-together develop IPE in South Korea and beyond.


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