Roi Charles S. Pineda, MSc, OTR

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium)
Plenary Session: Stories of best practices on interprofessional collaboration in diverse caring fields and settings​ (focus on competitive elite para-sport / paralympics)

Mr. Pineda is an occupational therapist with experience as clinical practitioner, researcher and educator. Continued postgraduate education over the years has diversified his professional interests. From acute and subacute physical rehabilitation during his work as an occupational therapist, it has expanded to include health promotion among individuals with disabilities using physical activity from the continuum of recreation to high-performance sport. As a certified trainer on interprofessional education and collaborative practice, he has given workshops in the Philippines and abroad. He is currently completing his doctoral studies in biomedical sciences at KU Leuven (Belgium). His research is on the effect of sport expertise and intellectual impairment on multi-tasking. Work on this research project gave him opportunities to collaborate with para-athletes, coaches, and sport organizations and served as the impetus for him to work towards becoming an international classifier in para-athletics for athletes with intellectual impairment.


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