Yumi Tamura, PhD

Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing
Keynote: Rationalizing collaboration and teamwork through learning theories and philosophies

Dr. Yumi Tamura is a Professor in Disaster Nursing Global Leader Program at the Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing’s Graduate School. She is a champion of Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice in Japan and is one of the pioneers who introduced the term "interprofessional" to Japan since the 1990s. Dr. Tamura obtained her MSc degree in Interprofessional Health and Welfare Studies in London South Bank University (United Kingdom) and then pursued a PhD degree which focused on the development of the IPE curriculum at Kobe University. She has attended nearly all ATBH conferences and was one of the organizers of ATBH conference in Japan last 2012. She believes interprofessionalism is fundamental to all professions and settings. Dr. Tamura recently published a book chapter about interprofessional collaboration during disasters entitled "Disaster Nursing: Fundamental Knowledge (3rd ed.)" in Japanese.


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