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If yes, please proceed to Section II: Accompanying Persons' Information. If not, please proceed in uploading your deposit slip
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II. Accompanying Person's Information 

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For International Participants who would like to pay onsite: You may upload your Airplane Ticket for the Conference Dates as Proof. 

IV. Personal Data Protection Notice

By registering and clicking on “Submit Registration Form”, you:


1. Agree to disclose personal information to APIPEC-PHIPEC 2020.

2. Acknowledge that we have informed you that we may collect, use (including, process, record, hold, store), and disclose (collectively, “Process”) your Personal Data and

3. Confirm that you have read this Personal Data Protection Notice and consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your Personal Data, for the purposes as stated herein.


We process your Personal Data for the following purposes:


1. Administer your participation to the event.

2. Respond to your questions related to your participation to the event.

3. Registration and maintenance of our participants’ database.


APIPEC-PHIPEC 2020 will keep and process your Personal Data in a secure manner.  We will provide and implement appropriate administrative security safeguards to ensure your Personal Data will not be misused and to prevent any unauthorized Processing of your Personal Data.

IMPORTANT: Please wait for 1-2 minutes to upload your file in the system after clicking the submit form button.

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